More potential drama for this fandom…Because we don’t have enough of that  today….. TAKE THIS WITH A GRAIN OF SALT!

So you see those little purple words at the bottom corner of those boxes? They don’t mean anything at first look… but after careful code-breaking, it becomes clear that they actually have meanings like future events that are already planned. It sounds like an absolute horror story, but some of the events are definitely going to happen (like birthdays) so we know these codes definitely mean SOMETHING and someone put them there on purpose.

Here is a compilation of what the Japanese people have been able to figure out so far. Some are VERY interesting like solo debuts etc. A lot of them are not completely solved yet and are still under speculation so take everything as a grain of salt for now. 


★4/07土 BS剥強 = Big Site (hagashi tsuyoi) Handshake event at Big Site on this day already announced
★4/08日 BS剥弱 = Big Site (hagashi yowai) Handshake event at Big Site on this day already announced

★4/17火 神KK =Kami Kobayashi Kana? New Kami Kouen? Nemousu Terebi? Team KII?
★4/28土 WT4IKE =Watarirouka Hashiritai 7 (4th single?) Ikebukuro event?
★5/02水 指スラカルタ = Sashihara Solo(In Indonesian, surakaruta = solo)

★5/18金 17GK涙 =

DiVa Debut Anniversary。
17(位Akimoto Sayaka) GK(Genking Miyazawa Sae) 涙(Happy Tears) Solo LIVE?
Oshima Yuko (10/17 born)Graduate Team K tears?
17(Akimoto Sayaka) Graduate Team K tears?

★5/22火 XYZ =Guerrila Live? Tokyo Sky Tree Opening Commemoration Event?
        SONY’s product (Nogizaka46?)

★6/10日 no3巣鴨 =

No Sleeves 巣鴨?
No3(Kashiwagi Yuki)?Namba3 (NMB3?TOP3?)?
3 new Namba members?
「巣鴨」when looked at on the 50 sound chart, above it is「しお”め」→ 汐留 (Shiome)

★6/11月 SR決定 =SDN Sony Record Label change? Sapporo?Sousenkyo Relation?
★6/23土 〇特おやつ =Oyatsu Kouen?
★6/26火 NYT豪徳寺 = Not Yet something to do at Koutokuji?
★7/02月 MS五反田  = Gotanda Concert Hall でMS(Matsui Sakiko) Piano Concert?

★7/07土 ウチハナヤム =

Uchi(Kansai-ben = Me?)To be worried?NMB Relation?Kansai member relations??
Something decided for Milky?
On the 50 sound chart, above it says「Itano Tomomi」

★7/14土 苦役PRE =Atsuko’s Movie「Kueki Ressha」premium viewing
★7/18水 yssB =Inoue Yoshimasa(Yosusu)誕生日(Birthday)

★7/20金 25:47 =

Majisuka?Friday。ANN at 25:47 something will happen?
Nito Moeno, Sato Sumire Musical Start Date

★8/11土 -3 =2nd Election #3 Mariko Graduation?3rd Election #3 Kashiwagi Yuki Last Stage?
★8/14火 365m =Kamida Temple(From the theater around 365m)Something will happen?
★8/18土 -2 = 2nd Election #2 Maeda Atsuko Graduation?3rd Election #2 Oshima Yuko Last Stage?

★8/25土 再検討 =Large Gathering?Tokyo Dome Concert?
★9/05水 BBAスラカルタ =Katayama Haruka Solo Debut?(Reference to Sashi surakaruta)
★9/10月 ▲サズヒレ =On 50 sound chart, one above is「Kojiharu」CM?Photobook?▲means photo?
★9/24月 -7 =

2nd Election #7 Kojima Haruna Graduation?
3rd Election #7 Takahashi Minami Last Stage?

★9/25火 +38 =

Matsui Jurina born 3/8。Move to AKB?
2nd Election #38 Yagami Kumi move?
3rd Election #38 Matsui Sakiko new Team K kouen?
SDN 38 people revive?(Minus Urano Kazumi)

★10/06土 ? =JKTSingle Debut?(?=Melody)
★10/19金 ggrHKT =HKT Single Debut?(ggr=Gugure)
★10/28日 CAP29 =Captain Noro Kayo’s 29th birthday
★11/04日 2×2=5 =Radiohead’s song (2 + 2 = 5)

★11/23金 くす玉とニョッキ =Suzuki Mariya who makes Nyokki?Kouhaku related?
★11/26月 JL401 =Number of a London Flight。London stage?
★12/05水 TH6648 =New Sister group in Tai?TH(Tai)66(Country’s phone number)48(48 group)
★12/08土 6+1=red =7th anniversary, red tape event

★1/15火 ♪レソミドドレ =253112 translates to「かなさいか」Kana Sayaka?Anagram?
★1/18金 tgsk65再漏 =Togaski Request Hour will appear at #65

★1/20日 姉諾威鴨涙 =

諾威(Norway)?Nobakujokobicchi Ahiru no Namida?
Ahiru = Tomochin Namida=Graduation?

★2/08金 △カカスミエエサ =

Sumikaeru = to change residence(Anagram)、SKE Theater Relocation?
One spot above the 50 sound chart「Ooshima Yuko」

★2/16土 白白赤黄 =WWRY Musical? (White White Red Yellow)

★2/24日 ラグランジュ =

DIVA’s album name?宝塚の蘭寿とむことラントム?
Watanabe Mayu or Hata Sawako relation?
NMB Team BII formation?

★3/02土 神KK =

Kobayashi Kana relation?(2nd time)New stage start?Nemousu?
Team KII?New Nemousu plans?

★3/13水 ウッホHW =Akimoto Sayaka Hollywood Debut?
★3/30土 けん玉126 =Kendama = Mariko’s Sado?KENDAMAから単純に1番目2番目6番目(KEM)?

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